Dilution [ di·lu·tion/diˈlo͞oSHən/] - the action of making something weaker in force, content, or value.

World Champion titles serve to reward a racer for being the best that year.  However, jet ski racing has suffered a massive dilution of title prestige in recent times.  Every year there are more and more classes and with them more and more "World Titles" being awarded. Between Aquabike, King's Cup, Havasu and others, there are more than 50 new "World Champions" being crowned each year!  With so many classes tacked on World Title races are sometimes as small as 3 racers.  Additionally, due to competing organizations, most of the racers don't compete at each world competition.

This is in starch contrast to other types of racing, where being a World Champion is something very clearly defined and very rare.

With that in mind -- who is the best racer of a certain year ?

To take personal opinion, politics, vote fraud and other influences out of the calculation, jetGP.com set out to create exactly that -- a calculation to decide who is the best racer in the world this year.  A calculation based on all the results this year, not which country a racer is from, or which organization he/she belongs to.

Ladies and gentlemen, jetGP.com is proud to introduce the biggest title jet ski racing has ever seen:


Starting today on jetGP.com everyone will be able to follow the rankings as they change in real time, with each race held anywhere in the world!

Every race counts !

At the end of each year the racer with most points will receive the SUPER CHAMPION OF THE WORLD title and award.