Anton Pankratov INTERVIEW WITH Anton Pankratov

How old are you?


Any children?



Dogs, for sure.

What year did you try a jetski for the first time?


Who taught you to ride?

No one in particular. I came to jet sport after 11 years of autosport, and I really liked jetskis.

What year did you start competing?


What is the best city to compete in?

My home city, Tallinn, Estonia

If not jetskis what would you compete in?

Autosports, probably in BMW formula series.

What do you like better, flat water or surf?

Surf. I think everyone is fast on flat water. Waves show the actual skills of a rider.

How many jetskis did you have during your career?


How often do you think about your safety before competition?

Always. That is the most important in any sport.

Would you rather be 1st in front of no spectators or last in front of 10,000 spectators?

1st in front of no spectators

Would you like to compete more often and if yes, what is the main reason you don`t?

No time usually. Sometimes because of work or university.

If you are a racer, how closely do you follow freestyle?
If you are a freestyler, how closely do you follow racing?

I don't really like freestyle. Engines are made to race and compete against others. Beauty contest is not for jetskis.