Pija Sumer INTERVIEW WITH Pija Sumer

How old are you?


What city are you from?

Maribor Slovenia

Any children?



Rino (Newfounder) and Harley (french bulldog)

What year did you try a jetski for the first time?


Who taught you to ride?

Rok Florjancic

Who is/was your riding idol?

Markus Erlach

What year did you start competing?


What is the best city to compete in?

Doha, Qatar

What is your biggest personal success (not result)?

That I finished 4 years of my medical study to become a doctor. I still have 2 more to go.

What are the qualities of an ideal rider?

Fair play, good physical condition and health.

If you could change one thing in jetski competitions what would it be?

Make start like in motocross, beacuse as it is right now it's not fair due to many uncalled jump-starts

What do you usually eat for breakfast before the competition?

Nothing special, just what I have in the fridge. :-)

If you have any superstitions before the competition what are they?


If not jetskis what would you compete in?


What do you like better, flat water or surf?


How many jetskis did you have during your career?


How often do you think about your safety before competition?

Always. I was an Alpine ski racer for 12 years and had many injuries on ski slopes, so I always think about safety.

Would you like more powerful motor or more maneuverable jetski?

More maneuverable ski

Who else is allowed to ride your jetski?

Friends and family

What was the worst moment of your career?

My first European race - Speedworld in Austria in 2006, because it was my second race ever and the race course was so small.

What was the craziest moment of your career?

When I won my first moto in UIM AquaBike World Championship Ladies Ski class in June of this year in Sardinia.

Who is your biggest fan?

My parents, boyfriend and my grandmother

Did you ever cry when you won?


Would you rather be 1st in front of no spectators or last in front of 10,000 spectators?

Last in front of 10,000 spectators

Under what circumstances would you quit competing?

If I stop enjoying racing or don't feel safe

Would you like to compete more often and if yes, what is the main reason you don`t?

Because of my studies and also because there are not enough races in this part of Europe

If you are a racer, how closely do you follow freestyle?
If you are a freestyler, how closely do you follow racing?

I follow freestyle because there are some good pilots, including my friends Rok and Nac Florjancic